Caroling With Mother Goose Club Songs

Nursery Rhymes

We’ve got your holiday music needs covered! Use Mother Goose Club songs to get into the holiday spirit, teach vocabulary, encourage creative expression, and more!

Food Made Fun With Face Plates!


by Clara Chung, New York City-based mom of two and Mother Goose Club super-fan.

Mother Goose Club’s Me-time Moments for a Balanced Holiday

Grown Ups

The holidays can be hectic, so don't forget to also make some time for yourself. Try out these five me-time ideas to unwind.

Teaching Math Through Cooking


by Clara Chung, New York City-based mom of two and Mother Goose Club super-fan.

Christmas Tree Ornament Craft


Try making these Christmas tree ornaments for some wholesome fun with your family or classroom. Kids will love working with natural materials and hanging their ornaments!

Crazy Hair Day Craft


Bad hair day? New crazy hairdo? Show them off with this silly and memorable family activity!

DIY Holiday Card Craft


'Tis the season! This year, try making your own holiday cards as a family with this fun watercolor craft! You can even send one our way!

DIY Thanksgiving Turkey Craft


It's almost Turkey Day! What better way to celebrate than with a turkey craft? This one makes a great decoration, activity or container for treats and letters!

Play and Learn On-the-Go With the Mother Goose Club App


When you’re on-the-go this holiday season, try out the Mother Goose Club App - designed for families who want to experience MGC's fun, educational and kid-friendly content from anywhere.

MGC’s Origin Story on the “Live Your Dream” Podcast


Harry Jho, Sockeye Media's CEO, candidly details the development and growth of Mother Goose Club on the "Live Your Dream" podcast.

DIY Fall Crafts for the Family


Crisp air and falling leaves! The time is right to cozy up and craft! Make a tree centerpiece or leaf wreath (perfect Thanksgiving decor) today!

About Our “Show Me How” Parenting Series

Reading Resources

Mother Goose Club’s "Show Me How" video series offers tips for parents, teachers and caregivers and demonstrates practical and fun activities for all ages.

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