Does your family have a birthday party or other special occasion coming up? Mother Goose Club-themed party supplies are a popular request from our fans, so we created a DIY video as part of our “Show Me How” parenting series! Try out these simple instructions to make your own Mother Goose Club cupcakes:

For some inspiration, check out the fan creation below!

These fans took it a step further with their own Mother Goose Club-themed cakes!

You can do it too! Share your finished product on Facebook or Instagram with #mothergooseclub! We love getting crafty and celebrating with Mother Goose Club families around the world!

Aside from being delicious and fun, DIY crafts like this one are terrific for developing problem-solving, fine motor skills, creativity, imagination, parent-child bonding and so much more. Allow your child to take the lead – don’t be afraid to get creative (and a little messy) with the process!

If you have ideas for other Mother Goose Club party supplies, let us know! We also have DIY costume instructions for dress-up occasions, and plush dolls, t-shirts and books that make for terrific gifts. Also check out our activities page and Pinterest for more crafty inspiration!

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