A Mother Goose Club themed Easter basket!

Happy Easter, everyone! As a Mother Goose Club producer, I can’t help but be inspired by the colorful characters, stripes and playful designs I spend so much time with every day, and so – I decided to do a MGC themed Easter basket this year! The designs work almost too well on an egg shape. I hope your family will enjoy my take on an MGC Easter basket and get inspired to create some MGC Easter eggs of your own! I’ve included a few tips and tricks below. Share your designs on social media using #mothergooseclub!

Hard boiled eggs with crayon designs ready for dyeing
  • Allow hard boiled eggs to cool and make sure they feel dry.
  • I’ve found that Crayola crayons work best for egg dyeing projects – the wax sticks to the egg unlike some crayon brands I’ve tried.
  • Set a towel down for kids to color on (pressing onto the table can break the egg).
  • Dye will not stick to the crayon wax, so color where you want color and decide what color you want the white space to be.
Color test -eggs in a solid color
  • I purchased a Paas set and followed their recipe for vinegar, water and color tablets – you can supplement with food coloring and other containers to mix colors for variety.
  • Test your colors – drop a plain white egg in each color and use a spoon to lift the egg out every few seconds to see how the color develops so you get the desired shade each time you dye (i.e. a sky blue will be ready before ocean blue).
  • Dip and dye (with your egg carton or a plate with paper towel over it handy when they’re done)!
Finished Mother Goose Club themed Easter eggs in a basket!
  • I filled this basket with some bubble wrap and a plastic shopping bag, then covered it in paper grass and arranged the eggs.
  • I made a jester hat for Humpty Dumpty with construction paper, crayons and scissors, then attached with hot glue.
  • I made the Johnny Johnny monster’s ears by wrapping a corner of pink construction paper around the tip of a crayon, hot glued it closed, colored the stripes with purple crayon and hot glued each ear in place.

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