Tips for Dealing With Separation Anxiety


Separation anxiety is a common and healthy phase of early childhood, but there are steps that parents can take to help make those tough goodbyes a little easier.

Gardening With Kids: Tips and Resources


Gardening provides opportunities to engage first-hand with school subjects, and it's also a terrific physical activity. Try these tips to get your family started before the end of summer!

‘Fire Engine, Fire Engine’ Craft


Craft your own fire truck toy based on our new "Fire Engine, Fire Engine" video!

‘Mermaid Song’ Activity Downloads


Pair these "Mermaid Song" activities with the video for the ultimate mermaid (and learning!) experience!

Expand Vocabulary in ‘A Is for Alphabet’

Reading Resources

Download this free Mother Goose Club eBook to expand your child's vocabulary, and meet some fun new characters along the way!

Traveling With Mother Goose Club


Make your summer travel-prep a little easier with Mother Goose Club. Here are five must-haves!

‘Mermaid Song’ Craft


Mother Goose Club, mermaids and crafting - the perfect combo for a fun, summer activity!

Homemade Ice Cream Activity


Get a scoop of this cool and delicious homemade ice cream recipe!

7 Other Parenting Blogs That We Love

Grown Ups

Navigating parenthood? Check out these MGC-approved resources that may provide some quality tips and entertainment for you and yours.

Parent’s Guide to Park Safety


Planning a park outing with the kids this summer? Prep the gang with these five safety tips!

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