The Planting Song – Kids Songs

Music Only Songs The Planting Song

Earth is Our Home – Kids Songs

Earth Is Our Home Music Only Songs

Alphabet Train Food Train – Kids Songs

Alphabet Train Food Train Music Only Songs

Jack Be Nimble – Kids Songs

Jack Be Nimble Music Only Songs

Little Bo Peep – Kids Songs

Little Bo Peep Music Only Songs

One Potato, Two Potato – Kids Songs

Music Only One Potato, Two Potato Songs

Old MacDonald Had a Farm – Kids Songs

Music Only Old MacDonald Had a Farm Songs

The Bunny Hop – Kids Songs

Music Only Songs The Bunny Hop

Pat-a-Cake – Kids Songs

Music Only Pat-a-Cake Songs

Here We Go Looby Loo – Kids Songs

Here We Go Looby Loo Music Only Songs

Soccer Rocker – Kids Songs

Music Only Soccer Rocker Songs

Row Row Row Your Boat – Kids Songs

Music Only Row Row Row Your Boat Songs

The Wheels on the Bus – Kids Songs

Music Only Songs The Wheels on the Bus

Count With Me – Kids Songs

Count With Me Music Only Songs

Day-O – Kids Songs

Day-O Music Only Songs

This Old Man – Kids Songs

Music Only Songs This Old Man

The Farmer in the Dell – Kids Songs

Music Only Songs The Farmer in the Dell

Dinosaur Stomp – Kids Songs

Dinosaur Stomp Music Only Songs

Rainbow, Rainbow – Kids Songs

Music Only Rainbow, Rainbow Songs

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star – Kids Songs

Music Only Songs Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Ghost Family – Kids Songs

Ghost Family Music Only Songs

About Our Kids Songs

When it comes to quality kids songs, the creators of Mother Goose Club are dedicated to producing and distributing only the very best content to serve their young, global audience. This means every song must engage, entertain and, most importantly, educate. Whether it be a traditional nursery rhyme like "The Wheels on the Bus", or an original work like "Driving in My Car", Mother Goose Club holds each song to the highest educational standards.

We take our mission to bring Preschool to the World™ very seriously, especially when developing songs, which are among a child’s earliest learning tools. We always hold ourselves accountable and make sure we can answer “yes” to the challenging questions: Is this song appropriate for a preschool audience? Is it accessible in terms of pacing? Are we engaging and educating with repetition, rhyme and new vocabulary? Are we inspiring activity and imparting positive feelings on the listener?

Our team is comprised of parents and educators who know that addressing these questions is essential, because songs and learning are deeply connected.

Why Are Kids Songs So Important?

Research shows that the first few years of a child’s life, including time spent in the womb, is when the brain develops most rapidly. So, it is never too early to begin exposing your baby to kids songs. Some of the best kids songs are anchored by nursery rhymes, terrific tools for developing reading readiness. These simple rhymes promote phonemic awareness, vocabulary and story structure.

Phonemic awareness is the ability to hear and manipulate the different sounds that make up words. For example, a child that recognizes that the words to a familiar rhyme share the same ending sounds is more likely to predict words and story. Furthermore, a child who understands that the word “car” can be broken down into three sounds, /c/ /a/ /r/, and that adding the letter T to the end will make a new word, “cart”, is exercising their phonemic awareness. With extensive exposure and practice, children will begin to understand that we express sounds through certain letters and letter combinations, and that these combinations of sounds empowers us to communicate in the real world.

Kids songs are also one of the best ways to expand vocabulary. A child who can sing along to Mother Goose Club’s 10 most popular songs on YouTube will have added 234 unique vocabulary words to their arsenal without even knowing it. As children memorize the sounds of these new words in the context of a song, they naturally deepen their understanding of the words for use in other contexts.

Children also learn through repetition. This is why many nursery rhymes for babies use simple words and melodies. Have you ever noticed that "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" and "ABC Song" share the same melody? And rhymes generally have predictable story arcs with a beginning, middle and end. Each time a child sings a song, they deepen their understanding of the content and improve their comprehension skills.

Children who master these skills early-on will be better prepared for reading and writing. When exposure and practice occur through song, kids learn more joyfully through listening, singing and dancing, which deepens their experience and encourages future learning.

Getting the Most Out of Kids Songs

Just as you naturally respond to a song you love, children will also naturally respond to their favorite kids songs by smiling, dancing and singing along. Showing enthusiasm for your child’s favorite kids songs encourages them to continue interacting with similar invaluable content. So, even if you feel like rolling your eyes after you’ve played "Baby Shark" countless times, show your child that you are excited and model the behavior you want to see in them.

You can also make repetitive experiences fresh by incorporating new challenges for your child. Watch "How to Sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" from our Show Me How series to learn more about the benefits of incorporating movement when singing. You can also use kids songs to reinforce topics your child is already naturally exploring. For example, "Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes" can be used to teach body parts, "Ten in the Bed" can enforce bedtime routines and "The Planting Song" can encourage quality time spent outside.

Remember that all singing is good singing. Even if you feel silly, you should not underestimate how powerful this activity can be. Spending even a few minutes each day singing Mother Goose Club’s kids songs with your child is a simple, cost-effective way to bond and promote early literacy.

Mother Goose Club’s website is a premier nursery rhyme resource. The mobile-enabled site includes videos, songs, sheet music and printable coloring pages for an extensive library of classic and original songs. For parents and teachers, the site offers activities and tips on using kids songs to promote literacy at home and school.

Happy rhyming!

- Mother Goose Club

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